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Dinner Party

<a href=""">The Art Corps</a> created this red extravaganza glorifying "the Art of the Dinner Party." From its Website: "Take four artists (Carolyn Castagna, Sara Foldenauer, Steve Rogenstein, Andrea Sepic), season them with fashionable red garb, and then garnish with dinner table using shoulder straps that suspend table at mid-waist. Set table with red table cloth, red dinner plates, red bread plates, red forks, red salad forks, red knifes, red butter knives, red spoons, red stemware, red water glasses, red napkins, an assortment of red knickknacks, red salt and peper shakers, a red centerpiece, and a red cadalabra. Pour ensemble onto Grand and crosby Streets, and then mix among pedestrians, spectators, and other art-parade participants on their way to Wooster Street. Spread the spectacle." Starring: Carolyn Castagna, Sara Foldenauer, Steve Rogenstein, and Andrea Sepic.

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