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Halloween 2006

Halloween 2006 Halloween's great because it's the one day of the year when I can walk into a bar, looking like I've been dead for three days after being hit by a car (or pulped by a dozen skinheads after mocking their favorite rugby team), covered in prosthetic wounds and compound fractures, leaking blood, carrying a machete and severed limbs, and have every pretty girl there insist upon having a photo taken with me.— JAC
Halloween 31 October 2006 6th Avenue from Spring Street to 22th Street, Manhattan, NYC
My terrible camera luck plagued me again. This time I had the right flash for my camera, and it had worked for other events, but it wasn't working reliably (shoe problem, no doubt) and it was too dark to shoot without it. (My 35mm is on its way to the great camera store in the sky; I've long since exceed it's rated lifespan.) So I shot with my pocket point-and-shoot digital, which isn't a great camera. (And I left my other 35mm film camera home.) Oh, well, shit happens.

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