Frozen Moments Lost In Time.


Detail for spinach leaves. Every last one of them has to be removed before a Jolly Green Giant can be roasted with olive oil and garlic.

The difference in color is only pronounced because the flash reacts with the colored dyes in the fabrics differently; in person it all matches.


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  • D_jolly_green_side.jpg
  • D_jolly_green_removing_unbuckling.jpg
  • D_jolly_green_removing_one_down.jpg
  • D_jolly_green_removing_last_one.jpg
  • D_jolly_green_removing_all_done.jpg
  • D_jolly_green_middle.jpg
  • D_jolly_green_looking_up.jpg
  • D_jolly_green_hey_shorty.jpg
  • D_jolly_green_full.jpg

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